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Direct cremations that focus on the essentials

We make it easy to arrange an unattended direct cremation for a fixed all-inclusive fee of £1,295. Choose our sustainable and eco-friendly alternative and make a lasting impact.

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A loved one has passed

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Direct cremations that focus on the essentials

We make it easy to arrange an unattended direct cremation for £1,295. NEO Cremations provides you with an affordable alternative to celebrate the memory of your loved one

When do you need our services

A loved one has passed

I’m planning ahead

Let us guide you

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NEO Cremations offers a green direct cremation service for a fixed fee of £1,295

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We collect the deceased in a private ambulance

We carry out an unattended cremation


We return the ashes to you in a bio-urn

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Our direct cremation service allows you to focus on the essentials: a simple and dignified sending-off with the highest degree of professionalism and care, because you recognise that end-of-life services do not have to be elaborate and expensive to be respectful

Simple and Respectful

A direct cremation for a fixed £1,295 with no hidden costs. Easy to book via our site

Affordable and Trustworthy

An affordable approach to end-of-life services with an uncompromising commitment to quality

Green and Sustainable

Eco-friendly alternative to help you celebrate the memory of your loved one

When do you need our services?

We make it easy to arrange a direct cremation for a fixed £1,295

A loved one has passed

I’m planning ahead

Let us guide you

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

First, you will need to obtain a medical certificate with the cause of death. This is issued for free either by your GP if the death occurred at home, or by the resident doctor if the death occurred in a hospital or hospice.

At this point and with this medical certificate, you can arrange for the body of your loved one to be collected by pressing the ‘Arrange Now’ button.

Within five days, you will need to register the death at the register office where the death occurred. The register office will issue you with (1) the Death Certificate and with (2) a Certificate for Cremation (the ‘Green Certificate’). Both forms are free of charge.

You will also need to obtain Form 4 and Form 5 signed by two separate doctors . The GP or the resident doctor can help you obtain them. Each form costs £82 and are mandatory for a cremation. You will also need to complete a Form 1.

For a more in-depth review of what steps need to be taken after a death occurs, including checking eligibility for financial assistance, organising financial and tax affairs, and taking care of the estate, please refer to the comprehensive guide.

A direct cremation is a cremation that takes place without a memorial ceremony. In a direct cremation, the body is collected, the cremation is performed unattended, and the ashes are returned together with a Certificate of Cremation issued by the crematorium where the cremation took place.

In a direct cremation, there is no longer the need to combine the cremation and the remembrance ceremony. Instead, the cremation is performed independently, unattended, and when the ashes are returned, you are then free to organise a separate memorial ceremony in your time, as you see fit.

Because a direct cremation is unattended and simple to organise, it is much cheaper than a conventional funeral, which is a much more complex and costly affair. A traditional funeral in England costs on average in excess of £4,000 plus the cost of the ceremony. A traditional funeral also needs to take place shortly after the death, placing even more stress on the family.

Direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular in England 

  1. For financial reasons – a direct cremation costs a fraction of the cost of a conventional funeral
  2. Because of personal preferences – fewer people, especially among younger generations, want the typical mournful service and somber funeral procession
  3. Because of the flexibility it brings – not combining the cremation and the remembrance ceremony gives you more flexibility to organise a separate sending-off, as you see fit, when you feel you are ready
  4. For practical reasons – a direct cremation minimises what many consider to be superfluous ceremonials displays without sacrificing the respectful and dignified significance of the sending-off


Our customer experience is very important to us and we strive to deliver a high quality service every time. See what people say about our eco friendly and affordable direct cremations:

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We are so glad we decided to go the direct cremation route. It was what Daddy wanted anyway, a fuss-free, simple and respectful cremation that gave us a larger budget to organise a great ceremony a month later where no one was rushed, most family members were able to attend, and we had a fantastic eulogy with his ashes present.

Will B.

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It's hard enough to go through the death of a family member anyway without being faced with lists of options of caskets, venues, flowers etc. Neo Cremations made the whole process simple. With the added plus of making the planet a tiny bit more green - how pleasing that something good can come out of this.


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I cannot thank you enough for providing me with your services during one of the toughest times of my life. With my husband's sudden passing, at such a heartbreaking and difficult time, I was overwhelmed with the thought of finding a way to pay for the funeral. I have only ever known of funeral costs costing at least £5000. For such a small fee in comparison, you provided me with such an efficient and sensitive service taking away all the headaches that come with a funeral. You made everything so much easier for me. Thank you so much again.

Esther D

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Cheap. Fuss-free. And green. All in all, perfect.

Penny Wallace

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At a time when this was the last thing I wanted to arrange, Neo Cremations really did guide me through each step with care and compassion - I had so many questions, they were so patient and I can't thank them enough. After the cremation they created a Facebook memorial page, which is something I wouldn't have thought of, and now there's somewhere where family and friends have shared memories and photos. We used it during the memorial service, which was a really nice touch.

Alice McNeil

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They gave a great service at the right price. Professional team who cared and seemed to treat us as more than just business. Would highly recommend.

Helen Worsley

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Really like the green aspect and making sure our cremation would result in more trees being planted. Thank you NEOcremation.

Claire T

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Thank you NEO for all the help and a special thank you to Belinda who’s been fantastic throughout the process. She was so courteous and helpful while we were going through a difficult time. She made sure all our needs were attended to and made us feel special, which was most welcome as we had to deal with so many different things related to the death. I would be very happy to recommend the service to anyone I know.

Amber Johnson-Kleine

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Highly recommend - sensitive, caring and responsive to all our needs at a very distressing time.


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Generally very happy with the level of service we received. These guys are professional and are taking pride in delivering a great service. Our family is also very glad we were able to contribute new tree plantings as part of the process - it made us feel good and would have been what our mom would have wanted to do anyway.


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Cheapest and simplest out there done with top notch service. Even though it is cheap, it is great value. We are eternally grateful to the Neo Cremations team.

Alex T

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We’re so happy we finally decided on using NEO Cremations. We weren’t sure what to do when our mom died and none of the options we were presented with seemed appealing. We came across the NEO Cremations website via a Facebook add and immediately resonated with the purpose - what better way to say goodbye than by having a green funeral where you know that the whole process is eco friendly and sustainable. This was important to us and I think everyone should consider their impact on their environment, even when someone dies. Well done NEO for offering this option in England and thank you for the great service.



NEO Cremations is committed to transforming the funeral industry and we are passionate about sustainability. Our goal is to become the most environmentally progressive funeral provider on the planet. We want to go beyond reducing the negative impact of the funeral industry by fundamentally changing how it operates and making sustainability a central focus of end-of-life services. Our objective is to revitalize our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same. We pursue our commitment to climate action in three ways


Carbon Neutral

We operate as a carbon neutral enterprise. We measure the total emissions of our operations and put in place a carbon offset scheme that results in a neutral footprint

Cremation for trees compressor

Trees for cremations

Every cremation carried out by our crematoria partners includes a minimum 200% carbon offset using our tree planting charity partners. If they wish, customers can offset to a higher amount

Crematorium Sustainability Index

We aim to help industry participants reduce their emissions. We carry out due diligence to select only the most environmentally friendly operators in the UK


Below are some resources from the NEO Cremations team


Contact our team

Our dedicated team is available to help you get started and answer any questions.

Alternatively you can request a call back by leaving your details below.

Contact our team

Our dedicated team is available to help you get started and answer any questions.

Alternatively you can request a call back by leaving your details below.

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Our dedicated team is available to help you get started and answer any questions

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