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5 Useful Tips to Get Your Funeral Expenses Payment

Finding the funds to pay for a funeral, especially when you’re already strapped for cash, can be burdensome. In fact, with the rising cost of funerals having now reached a record high, sourcing the money to pay for a loved one’s sending off has become even more strenuous. 


Two types of funding: Funeral Expenses Payment and Bereavement Support Payment 

What many families don’t know is that there are two government grants that help with paying for a funeral. The two grants, the Funeral Expenses Payment and the Bereavement Support Payment, are two different ways one is able to cover the cost of a funeral. In Scotland, this is simply called the Funeral Support Payment. 


According to Quaker Social Action, funeral funds cover about 39% of the cost of an average funeral. The Funeral Expenses Payment is a government grant that you do not need to pay back. 


Taking the first step, making a claim

Creating an application, especially for funding, can seem like an intimidating process. Luckily, actually writing and filling out the application is just one way to apply for the Funeral Expenses funding. The most recommended way of applying is by calling the DWP directly on their Bereavement Service Helpline at: 0800 731 0469.


*In this blog, we make references to specific parts of the Funeral Expenses Payment application. You may find and download the form at the link, here, to follow along. 


Guiding you through the Funeral Expenses Payment application 

We understand the difficulty wholeheartedly, which is why we have published this blog on 5 ways to make applying for the funeral expenses payment a little bit easier. We’ve taken many families through the journey of applying, and have seen many applications get accepted. Keeping these 5 tips in mind, and applying them when you’re in the process of getting funding, will save you time and be overall less stressful. Knowing these key tips may just allow you to get over the last hurdle to getting your claim accepted.



Tips to keep in mind when applying  

Rest assured, we are here to help families across England and Scotland apply for the Funeral Expenses Payment. At Neo, we have guided and helped families through this process.


  1. Understanding your eligibility. The Funeral Expenses payment is given to those on certain qualifying benefits. A list of those are down below. Your Funeral Expenses Payment will be deducted from any money that is in the estate. 

    Qualifying benefits include:
    – Income Support.
    – Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance.
    – Income-related Employment and Support Allowance.
    – Pension Credit.
    – Housing Benefit.
    – The disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit.
    – Child Tax Credit.
    – Universal Credit.

  2. Don’t let “incompleteness” stop you from submitting an application. This tip is paramount. Even if you don’t have all the required information to complete the Funeral Funds application, do it anyway. The staff on the other side of the phone are able to look up details and fill in any gaps, if there are any. 
  3. If an immediate family member has funds to pay for a funeral, but was estranged, you can still apply for the Funeral Expenses Payment. Part 5 of the application goes into specifics about the nature of relationship to the decedent. If you’re worried your application may not get accepted because there is someone who has the funds, still apply. If the nature of that relationship has broken down or if they are estranged, then your application will still be considered. 
  4. You can apply for these grants, even if you do not use a funeral director. Don’t let the fact that you aren’t using a funeral director deter you from applying. What the DWP will do is reimburse you directly for the money spent to arrange the funeral. 
  5. Ask a Neo Care Team member to help you. If you have any questions regarding how to apply, or if you need us to check over your application, please give us a call at 0808 196 2140. Our team offers a compassionate customer experience and are there to help you through difficult times. 


Other important updates regarding the Funeral Expenses Payment: 

  • The amount given has risen to include up to £1,000 towards other funeral fees outside of the essentials such as cremation fees and doctors fees.
  • The DWP are continuously improving and minimising the timelines in which they distribute the grant to those in need. As it stands now, the wait time to get payment is around 15 working days. 

Another organisation you may contact if you are searching for advice is Quaker Social Action. They have a sub-organisation called Down to Earth who give practical advice to those struggling with funeral costs.



If you’re applying for the Funeral Support Payment in Scotland

If you are based in Scotland and are needing to apply for the Funeral Support Payment, please see the website, here


The payment is paid in a lump sum by Social Security Scotland, helping you to cover the funeral arrangements if you are living on a low income. You may apply online at MyGov.Scot or by giving Social Security Scotland a call here: 0800 182 2222.


If you have any further inquiries or concerns, Citizens Advice Scotland is another organisation there to help you. 


We are always here to help 

If you find yourself struggling, or in need of someone to talk to, our dedicated team is here to help you. You may contact us in a variety of ways, whichever feels most comfortable to you. 


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