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Losing a loved one is a time of terrible distress. It can be hard enough dealing with the grief and the sense of loss, let alone knowing where to start with the funeral arrangements.


At Neo Cremations we are here to help you through this difficult journey by offering you an affordable alternative with no ceremonial extras at a fixed price that simplifies your choices.


Our alternative direct cremation allows for a dignified send-off with the highest standard of professionalism, care and compassion. It guarantees a simpler and affordable service where pricing is without surprises and 100% transparent.


Our all-inclusive fee of £1,295 is fixed, compares favourably with conventional funerals and with similar offers in the market once all the hidden costs and add-ons have been included.


By choosing a direct cremation with Neo Cremations, you opt for a thoughtful solution that saves you money and you gain the freedom to customise how you want to commemorate the memory of your loved one, in your own time, when you feel you are ready.

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