The UK’s First Funeral Provider to Become a Certified B Corp

A Message From The Neo Team

Dear all,


The last 14 months have been full of reflection and reformation. Coming out of a pandemic (are we really even out yet?) and navigating a new landscape has been daunting to say the least.


Throughout the year, we noticed an increase of families needing our help, and more specifically, needing the means to pay for funerals.


If 2021 taught us anything, it taught us how funeral poverty is still a big issue in the UK. The UK government mandated all funeral directors display clear and transparent pricing on their websites in hopes of combating the rise of funeral poverty.

The truth is, we still have a long way to go. Not just regarding funeral poverty but sustainability as well. Challenges the entire funeral industry is facing today include:


  • Crematoria across the UK are carbon-heavy.
  • There is a lack of diversity across the board.
  • Truly changing is more than just planting trees and hoping for the best.

It is our hope that by becoming a Certified B Corp, we are that much closer to being a more environmentally aware and socially driven organization.
We promise to hold ourselves accountable by putting people and the planet first in all we do. You’ll find below a recap of our journey to becoming a B Corp.


From measuring our carbon emissions to formulating new impact business models, we hope you enjoy reading about this crazy adventure and how we got here.


In solidarity,
The Neo Care Team

About B Corp

B Corps are organizations that have pledged to voluntarily hold themselves accountable for environmental and social wellbeing. The actual “B” in B Corp stands for “Benefit.” This is because Certified B Corps have vowed to leave a net positive material impact on society and the planet.


B Corps universally acknowledge the need for regenerative, inclusive, and sustainable economic systems for everyone and everything. You may read more about B Corp and how to become one on the B Corp website.

Our B Corp Journey

Why we became a B Corp
How we became a B Corp
What we hope to achieve

Our Inspiration

Our biggest inspiration comes from the families that we help each and every day. We want to pledge our organisation to giving back and leaving a net positive impact on people and our planet. This key aim drives us to do the best we can, and because of this, we decided to embark on the journey to becoming a Certified B Corp.


We believe that doing business for the betterment of society and the environment should be a given, and so we want to support that mission.


After many months of reframing, restructuring, and re-evaluating the company–– both internally and externally–– we are proud to say that in November 2021, we achieved that goal. Neo is officially a Certified B Corporation!

The Impact Assessment

In order to qualify for official B Corp status, companies need to score a minimum score of 80 percent on the B Corp Impact Assessment. This assessment has depth, lots of depth, and consists of over 200 questions. The questions target five main areas: community, governance, customers, and the environment.


What is so unique about the Impact Assessment is that it’s a free tool that measures the organisation’s day-to-day operations as well as its business model. The B Corp Impact Assessment evaluates what the organisation has done in the last 12 months and how they have done it.


To learn more about our impact assessment score, you can view our B Impact Report on the B Corporation website.

Our Aspiration

What Will This Achieve?
One of the biggest issues the UK is facing today is the ever prevalent social crisis of funeral poverty. Funeral poverty is where a funeral is beyond the means for an individual to pay. This is a growing epidemic in the UK, and we want to disrupt the landscape so much that funeral poverty no longer exists.


We will be held accountable to eliminate our carbon emissions
One of the areas we scored the lowest in was the environment. In the next few years, we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. At the present moment, most of our emissions are from the cremations themselves along with transportation.


We will improve employee empowerment
Our employees are the backbone of the company. This is why we will make greater efforts to improve diverse representation in management. We will also aim to provide more support to our employees who are neurodivergent.

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