Creating a Meaningful Impact

Leaving the World a Better Place For Our Children

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult, however, you have the opportunity to make a long-lasting positive impact on the earth in their honour.


In a world beset by over-consumption and limited natural resources, what better way to celebrate the life of your loved one than to choose a green cremation that minimizes the environmental impact of an end-of-life ceremony for the benefit of future generations. After all, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow It from our children”.

How We Create a Positive Impact

Neo Cremations is committed to transforming the funeral industry and we are passionate about sustainability. Our goal is to become the most environmentally progressive funeral provider on the planet. We want to go beyond reducing the negative impact of the funeral industry by fundamentally changing how it operates, and making sustainability a central focus of end-of-life service. We pursue our commitment to climate action in three ways:

We aim to help industry participants reduce their emissions. We carry out due diligence to select only the most environmentally friendly operators in the UK.

We operate as a carbon-neutral enterprise. We measure the total emissions of our operations and then implement a carbon offset scheme that results in a neutral footprint.

Every cremation we carry out includes a minimum 200% carbon offset using our tree planting charity partners.

How We Calculate Our Carbon Emissions

In order to offset the emissions created by our organisation, we first calculate the CO2 produced in of all operational activities. We continue to review these elements so that we can improve.


This includes all the emissions created from the collection of the deceased and the delivery of the ashes back to the next of kin.

Place of Rest

We have calculated the emissions created while the loved one is in our care by taking into account the electricity and resources a mortuary uses.


We calculate the emissions produced from every cremation we carry out. We are also mindful to use the most efficient and state of the art crematoriums in the industry.


We take into consideration the emissions produced in our administrative operations, which include the energy used in our co-working space and our travel to and from work.

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