Green and Sustainable

Green cremation for the 21st Century

In a world beset by over-consumption and limited natural resources, what better way to celebrate the life of your loved one than to choose a green cremation that minimizes the environmental impact of an end-of-life ceremony for the benefit of future generations.


A cremation is greener than a burial but still consumes a large amount of energy and therefore is a carbon intensive process. This is why every cremation we carry out includes a 200% minimum carbon offset using our tree-planting charity partners, hence our moniker ‘green cremation’.  If you wish, you can ask us to offset to an even higher amount.


To express our gratitude for your considerate choice of a green cremation, we are making Neo Cremations a CO2 Neutral organisation. This pledge is our way of expressing our respect: respect for your departed loved one, respect for you, and respect for the environment.

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