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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
We have carefully curated the following guides and resources to give you comfort and peace of mind.

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What does Brexit mean for your funeral plan?

When did the UK leave the EU? On the 31st January 2020 the UK left the EU with a withdrawal agreement. The agreement included things such as an agreed transition period, a financial settlement between the UK and the EU and suggestions on how to

The Funeral Expenses Payment Scheme Explained

Neo cares deeply about providing affordable, eco-friendly services to everyone. Our staff have been trained by Quaker Social Action for best practices regarding the Funeral Expenses Payment scheme, and so we’ve created this quick guide for you to use if you need advice or are

Ten Steps to an Affordable Funeral

Whilst death remains the one inevitable guarantee of life, it rarely occurs precisely as expected. In fact, even for those given exact information and advance notice, death will be sure to take some a little by surprise. This is often because a death does not

3 Funeral Plan Tips to Save Your Wallet

We as individuals are just that, highly individual. We each have specific wants and needs that are expressed and actualised throughout our daily lives. These unique preferences and desires remain with us until we die, meaning that in preparation for when we do so, we

Your Money is Safe with Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

At Neo Cremations we prioritise simplicity, affordability and respect.   We know the funeral industry is populated with many providers that hope to profit from elaborate services and expensive ceremonial extras, often at the expense of the deceased’s vulnerable, surviving loved ones. At Neo Cremations

Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan Explained

Neo Cremations firmly believes that people should talk more openly about dying, death, and bereavement. We especially believe that people should start making plans for the end of life. We have put a lot of time and effort into creating our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

Our Carbon Emission Footprint

What is a Carbon Footprint? In our everyday lives, each choice we make leads to the release of carbon into our atmosphere. Right from the food we buy and the electricity we use, to the modes of transport we take and our disposal of waste,

Fighting for You and For Our Home

“I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is” – Greta Thunberg At NEO Cremations we care about sustainability. In addition to operating as a carbon-neutral enterprise and incorporating a minimum 200% carbon offset through our tree planting charity partners for

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