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Our Carbon Emission Footprint

What is a Carbon Footprint? In our everyday lives, each choice we make leads to the release of carbon into our atmosphere. Right from the food we buy and the electricity we use, to the modes of transport we take and our disposal of waste,

How the Funeral Industry can Support Black Lives Matter

Our vow to be an ally NEO Cremations stands at a unique point in the funeral industry and is exploring ways to fully immerse ourselves as an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. To be an ally means more than saying you stand with

Direct Cremation Paperwork is Unavoidable – What do I Need?

Administrative tasks are bewildering in normal circumstances and can be even more so when a close relative or friend passes away.  To help you navigate the paperwork needed to process the death of a loved one, we have compiled below the information required by the

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We make it easy to arrange a direct cremation for a fixed £1,295

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