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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
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5 Useful Tips to Get Your Funeral Expenses Payment

Finding the funds to pay for a funeral, especially when you’re already strapped for cash, can be burdensome. In fact, with the rising cost of funerals having now reached a record high, sourcing the money to pay for a loved one’s sending off has become

We have Launched Neo in Scotland

We are 100% dedicated to the families we help and the service we provide. After a long process of rigorous due diligence research and reporting, we are proud to announce that we have officially launched our Neo service in Scotland.    This means we will

How to Keep Funeral Costs Low: DIY Funeral Planning

Nowadays funerals are rarely inexpensive. In their 2020 ‘Cost of Dying Report’, SunLife demonstrated how the average cost of a funeral alone in the UK amounts to £4,417. As each year passes, this average increases way above the normal rate of inflation: a prospect made

Are You Worried about Paying for a Funeral?

For those of you reading who are less familiar with our services, let us provide a quick overview. In short, we are a sustainable funeral provider that organises eco-friendly cremations and whose founding ethos revolves around transparency, sustainability and integrity. We operate as a

The Funeral Expenses Payment Scheme Explained

Neo cares deeply about providing affordable, eco-friendly services to everyone. Our staff have been trained by Quaker Social Action for best practices regarding the Funeral Expenses Payment scheme, and so we’ve created this quick guide for you to use if you need advice or are

Ten Steps to an Affordable Funeral

Whilst death remains the one inevitable guarantee of life, it rarely occurs precisely as expected. In fact, even for those given exact information and advance notice, death will be sure to take some a little by surprise. This is often because a death does not

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