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3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Direct Cremation

Deciding which direct cremation provider to choose when a loved one passes away can be difficult. It is especially hard if you are alone, and find yourself with the responsibility of making a practical decision during a vulnerable time.    Direct cremations are becoming increasingly

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Funeral Plan

So many families in the UK are at risk of overspending on their funeral plan due to a growing “national scandal” of rising funeral costs. According to SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report 2021, the average cost of funerals has risen to £4,184.    By purchasing

Our Top 10 Death and Bereavement Inspired Art

Death has been a prominent subject in artwork for many centuries. These artworks reflect the wide range of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that people associate with death and we believe we can learn a lot about society’s mentality towards death overtime. This is why we

A Day With Jeremy, our Neo Grieving Consultant

Meeting with families all over the South of England  Throughout this year, we have reunited many families with their loved ones time and time again. And throughout the year, we have found that meeting with families during probably one of the hardest moments of their

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Ahead of COP26

What is COP26 and why does it matter?  Climate change has been at the forefront of current events this year. From wildfires in Athens, to extreme heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, it has become unquestionable that climate change has become a very harsh reality

Why We Need British Woodlands to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is at our doorstep  There is a terrifying reality right at our doorstep. This reality is that the UK’s climate is changing, and at a rapid pace. Even with very ambitious goals to scale back greenhouse gas emissions globally, some further climate change

How to Cope with Losing a Pet

Many people consider pets to be members of the family. They are sources of love and warmth, and also lend people comfort everyday. It’s no surprise that when the passing of a pet occurs, it is deeply felt by all. For children, this is most

5 Useful Tips to Get Your Funeral Expenses Payment

Finding the funds to pay for a funeral, especially when you’re already strapped for cash, can be burdensome. In fact, with the rising cost of funerals having now reached a record high, sourcing the money to pay for a loved one’s sending off has become

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