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Paying for a Funeral during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Funerals are expensive. Whilst costs may vary depending on where you live in the UK, a 2018 report estimates that an average basic cremation costs £3,600 whilst an average basic burial costs £4,800. A further £2,100 can be added to this total to cover the cost of

Arranging a Funeral during the Coronavirus Lockdown

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many people have been left unsure of how to arrange a funeral for their loved ones, and of the rules on attendance. Here, we discuss how the UK’s lockdown restrictions are affecting funeral services and explore why we believe direct

Direct Cremation Paperwork is Unavoidable – What do I Need?

Administrative tasks are bewildering in normal circumstances and can be even more so when a close relative or friend passes away.  To help you navigate the paperwork needed to process the death of a loved one, we have compiled below the information required by the

Why Direct Cremation is the Best Option

What is a direct cremation? A direct cremation (sometimes referred to as a simple cremation) is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional funeral. With a direct cremation, the cremation is done without a ceremony. At the end of the process, the ashes are either scattered in the

Choosing our Tree Planting Charity Partners

One of the differentiating features of NEO Cremations (aside from impeccable customer service) is our incessant focus on sustainability. Our stated goal is to become the most environmentally friendly funeral provider on the planet. To achieve this goal, we have set out to fundamentally rethink

Your Guide to Planning a Celebration of Life Ceremony

Death has no rules, so why should funerals? It’s the 21st century and death doesn’t deserve our respect. Historically, rigid Victorian mourning rituals provided a perfect background for outpourings of sorrow and grief. It is also true that society has generally enforced mourning to be the “true”

Why is direct cremation gaining in popularity?

The number of direct cremations in the UK is still small compared to traditional cremations that involve a funeral service. Two percent of the total number of cremations in 2018 were direct, but that number is expected to rise quickly (anecdotal evidence points to a

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