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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
We have carefully curated the following guides and resources to give you comfort and peace of mind.

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Reaching Carbon Neutrality with Climate Neutral Now

What is Climate Neutral Now? Climate Neutral Now is an initiative launched by the UN  in 2015 to encourage everyone in society to take action to help achieve a climate neutral world by the mid-century, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement. To organisations all across

Fighting Funeral Poverty with Fair Funerals

At Neo, we strive to make long-lasting partnerships that have a positive impact on society and the environment. In fact, we’ve written in our company bylaws that whatever we do must have a material positive impact by advancing sustainable development. To us, this is the

Your Guide To Travelling Abroad With Ashes

Many families take ashes abroad in order to scatter their loved ones in a meaningful place as part of their celebration of life. Sometimes the loved one requests to return to their homeland for their final resting place. This process can be relatively straight forward

10 Amazing Ways These Cultures Say ‘Goodbye’

We as a race are wonderfully varied. Our cultures and traditions are just as unique as our features and language. We celebrate and commiserate with spectacular diversity, and our rituals concerning death are no different. In this blog we look at 10 amazing ways these

Your Guide to Supporting a Grieving Friend

When someone you are close to experiences a loss, it can be horrible not knowing how to comfort them. We instinctively want to wrap our arms around our loved one: to absorb their pain and help share the burden of their suffering. Yet knowing how

How to Keep Funeral Costs Low: DIY Funeral Planning

Nowadays funerals are rarely inexpensive. In their 2020 ‘Cost of Dying Report’, SunLife demonstrated how the average cost of a funeral alone in the UK amounts to £4,417. As each year passes, this average increases way above the normal rate of inflation: a prospect made

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