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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
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Everyone deserves the right to be cremated equally

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”- Haruki Murakami Since the turn of the century, many reforms have been implemented to ensure that we as a society embrace all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. When it comes to the

How the Funeral Industry can Support Black Lives Matter

Our vow to be an ally NEO Cremations stands at a unique point in the funeral industry and is exploring ways to fully immerse ourselves as an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. To be an ally means more than saying you stand with

How to Arrange a Funeral for Yourself

“Discussing death doesn’t have to be taboo. It’s never too late to get prepared.” Why should I arrange my own funeral? In most cases, it is difficult to think about death without feeling a little morbid. Talking about death can even be considered somewhat taboo.

What Game of Thrones can Teach us about Funeral Planning

“If there is one thing the multi-award winning series Game of Thrones taught us during its serpentine labyrinth of twists and turns, it is that death is frequently unexpected and ultimately unavoidable…” In this piece, we explore how the show’s merciless and often seemingly random

Cremation Paperwork: What is a Cremation Form 4?

Sourcing cremation paperwork is a hassle. Every day we get a lot of questions regarding the types of forms needed to arrange a direct cremation––and one of the most confusing elements for people  is the Cremation Form 4. In this blog we explain what this form is

What Happens to Jewellery During the Cremation?

What happens to jewellery before, during and after cremation? Precious and sentimental jewellery is often a cause for concern during the process of cremation. In many cases, families want a loved one to hold onto their most precious jewellery. It may be a necklace, ring

Preparing for Digital Death

What is digital death? A few decades ago, before the age of the internet, dealing with the legal aspects of death was a little more straightforward; inheritance most often involved physical and monetary possessions, or real estate. Now, most people carry with them a substantial

Paying for a Funeral during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Funerals are expensive. Whilst costs may vary depending on where you live in the UK, a 2018 report estimates that an average basic cremation costs £3,600 whilst an average basic burial costs £4,800. A further £2,100 can be added to this total to cover the cost of

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