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Your Money is Safe with Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

At Neo Cremations we prioritise simplicity, affordability and respect.   We know the funeral industry is populated with many providers that hope to profit from elaborate services and expensive ceremonial extras, often at the expense of the deceased’s vulnerable, surviving loved ones. At Neo Cremations

Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan Explained

Neo Cremations firmly believes that people should talk more openly about dying, death, and bereavement. We especially believe that people should start making plans for the end of life. We have put a lot of time and effort into creating our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

Fighting for You and For Our Home

“I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is” – Greta Thunberg At NEO Cremations we care about sustainability. In addition to operating as a carbon-neutral enterprise and incorporating a minimum 200% carbon offset through our tree planting charity partners for

Original ideas you never thought you could do with ashes

Possibly one of the first thoughts when arranging a cremation is ‘what will we do with the ashes?’. With a traditional burial, the tombstone can be visited to pay respects, flowers can be brought or kept, and loved ones can partake in moments of reflection.

Unattended Cremation – The last goodbye

Unattended cremations are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a better alternative to traditional funerals both financially and creatively. Funerals in the UK are increasingly becoming unaffordable adding unnecessary worries to what is already an obviously stressful time. Unattended cremations are increasingly being chosen as

Everyone deserves the right to be cremated equally

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”- Haruki Murakami Since the turn of the century, many reforms have been implemented to ensure that we as a society embrace all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. When it comes to the

Cremation Paperwork: What is a Cremation Form 4?

Sourcing cremation paperwork is a hassle. Every day we get a lot of questions regarding the types of forms needed to arrange a direct cremation––and one of the most confusing elements for people  is the Cremation Form 4. In this blog we explain what this form is

What Happens to Jewellery Before, During, and After a Cremation?

What happens to jewellery before, during and after cremation? Precious and sentimental jewellery is often a cause for concern during the process of cremation. In many cases, families want a loved one to hold onto their most precious jewellery. It may be a necklace, ring

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