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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
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Our Top Five Favourite Urns From A Sustainability Perspective

Why Sustainability in Urn Design Matters  Each person on this planet generates waste. This is a reality that no one can escape. But what if we said that a person’s last act on earth, what they depart us in, can be sustainable?    The number

How to Navigate Loss and Bereavement After Miscarriage

One of the most difficult elements some parents, mothers, families, individuals will go through is having a miscarriage.    Many parent accounts of experiencing a miscarriage recollect the amount of grief they have gone through. Sometimes it may feel like you are completely alone. We

10 Spotify Songs That Help with Grief

Listening to sad music has actually been linked with a number of positive experiences like nostalgia, imagination, empathy, peacefulness, tenderness, transcendence, and wonder. The most meaningful music is often related to memory which, as you know, commonly comes in the form of bittersweet nostalgia after

Top 8 Inspiring Words Of Wisdom From Around The World

The Oxford Dictionary has identified that there are 171,476 words in the English language currently in use. However, there are still many words that other languages have that capture a concept or meaning that can not be replicated in English. Many of these words encompass

The Death Positive Aspects of Halloween

Many Westerners have a peculiar relationship with dying, grieving, and death. We all tend to avoid the topic at the dinner table, and quickly change the subject if any of the sort finds itself in conversation. On the other hand, what we don’t always realise is that

10 Amazing Funeral Foods from Around the Globe

Foodways is when food meets culture, tradition, and history. Foodways are especially prevalent in end of life ceremonies when tradition is especially important. Food and grief are interlinked in various cultures across the world because the creation and eating of funeral foods can be a

Our Top 10 Death and Bereavement Inspired Art

Death has been a prominent subject in artwork for many centuries. These artworks reflect the wide range of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that people associate with death and we believe we can learn a lot about society’s mentality towards death overtime. This is why we

A Day With Jeremy, our Neo Grieving Consultant

Meeting with families all over the South of England  Throughout this year, we have reunited many families with their loved ones time and time again. And throughout the year, we have found that meeting with families during probably one of the hardest moments of their

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