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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
We have carefully curated the following guides and resources to give you comfort and peace of mind.

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How to Choose a Memorial Tattoo to Remember a Loved One

Tattoos are conversation starters. One will often find that there is some kind of story attached to these pieces of ink art. And these stories will then lead to conversations, which will inevitably lead to those memorable “skin showing” sessions we all have experienced. The

Top 10 LGBTQI+ Films About the End-of-Life

This Pride Month, we want to take time to recount and share some of the best of LGBTQI+ and End-of-Life cinematography. After conducting research (i.e. eating loads of popcorn and watching movies), it was a surprise to discover that there are actually quite a few

10 Amazing Ways These Cultures Say ‘Goodbye’

We as a race are wonderfully varied. Our cultures and traditions are just as unique as our features and language. We celebrate and commiserate with spectacular diversity, and our rituals concerning death are no different. In this blog we look at 10 amazing ways these

Your Guide to Supporting a Grieving Friend

When someone you are close to experiences a loss, it can be horrible not knowing how to comfort them. We instinctively want to wrap our arms around our loved one: to absorb their pain and help share the burden of their suffering. Yet knowing how

Original ideas you never thought you could do with ashes

Possibly one of the first thoughts when arranging a cremation is ‘what will we do with the ashes?’. With a traditional burial, the tombstone can be visited to pay respects, flowers can be brought or kept, and loved ones can partake in moments of reflection.

How to Arrange a Funeral for Yourself

“Discussing death doesn’t have to be taboo. It’s never too late to get prepared.” Why should I arrange my own funeral? In most cases, it is difficult to think about death without feeling a little morbid. Talking about death can even be considered somewhat taboo.

What Game of Thrones can Teach us about Funeral Planning

“If there is one thing the multi-award winning series Game of Thrones taught us during its serpentine labyrinth of twists and turns, it is that death is frequently unexpected and ultimately unavoidable…” In this piece, we explore how the show’s merciless and often seemingly random

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