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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
We have carefully curated the following guides and resources to give you comfort and peace of mind.

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Record of Wishes: Giving Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

At Neo, we pride ourselves with helping families to get prepared for when the time comes.    Perhaps you have already explored the options of buying a funeral plan and have decided that it is not for you right now. There may be some factors

3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Direct Cremation

Deciding which direct cremation provider to choose when a loved one passes away can be difficult. It is especially hard if you are alone, and find yourself with the responsibility of making a practical decision during a vulnerable time.    Direct cremations are becoming increasingly

How to Cope with Losing a Pet

Many people consider pets to be members of the family. They are sources of love and warmth, and also lend people comfort everyday. It’s no surprise that when the passing of a pet occurs, it is deeply felt by all. For children, this is most

Our Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremonies

At Neo, our service is affordable, compassionate, and sustainable. It is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible for families to navigate.    Simple and straightforward, however, doesn’t mean that our service can’t be sentimental and special for the loved ones making the

What is a direct cremation?

A “direct cremation,” also known as a “no frills cremation” or “simple cremation,” is essentially a cremation that takes place without a traditional funeral ceremony. Better defined by what it doesn’t include than what it does, direct cremations have been gaining in popularity throughout the

What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away at Home

Here at Neo, we are fully prepared to cater to families who have a loved one pass away at home. This may be a distressing time for you, and getting the right advice and emotional support is very important. Thinking about a loved one’s final

Your Guide To Travelling Abroad With Ashes

Many families take ashes abroad in order to scatter their loved ones in a meaningful place as part of their celebration of life. Sometimes the loved one requests to return to their homeland for their final resting place. This process can be relatively straight forward

Guide to Talking to Parents About End-of-Life Planning

Death has never been a comfortable subject of discussion. For some, this might be because of the emotional response it triggers: talking about death means facing the topic of final, inevitable loss head on, and often this is not a topic we find easy or

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