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At Neo we openly encourage fluid and positive conversations surrounding life and death.
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Your Guide To Planning An Ashes Scattering

Hosting or planning an ashes scattering ceremony is a wonderful way to remember someone who chose a cremation. It allows for loved one’s to reflect and remember while scattering the ashes in a meaningful place.    Beginning to plan an ashes scattering can seem a

Planning A DIY Funeral With Our Favourite TikToks

A DIY funeral, sometimes known as a “do it yourself” funeral, demands a significant amount of planning and preparation.    We all know that funerals are not easy and we need to prepare the best and most creative funeral. And surely, we understand that having

How To DIY A Celebration Of Life For Your Loved One

Here at Neo we specialise in direct cremations, which means there is no formal service/ ceremony at the crematorium before the cremation. Our direct cremations are designed to be as simple and affordable as possible whilst remaining respectful and caring. However, we still encourage families

What Happens at an Attended Cremation?

Organising a funeral for the first time is by no doubt a daunting task. It can be difficult and overwhelming to think about all the “to-dos” one needs to complete in a short amount of time.   Managing the logistical elements along with coordinating friends

Record of Wishes: Giving Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

At Neo, we pride ourselves with helping families to get prepared for when the time comes.    Perhaps you have already explored the options of buying a funeral plan and have decided that it is not for you right now. There may be some factors

3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Direct Cremation

Deciding which direct cremation provider to choose when a loved one passes away can be difficult. It is especially hard if you are alone, and find yourself with the responsibility of making a practical decision during a vulnerable time.    Direct cremations are becoming increasingly

How to Cope with Losing a Pet

Many people consider pets to be members of the family. They are sources of love and warmth, and also lend people comfort everyday. It’s no surprise that when the passing of a pet occurs, it is deeply felt by all. For children, this is most

Our Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremonies

At Neo, our service is affordable, compassionate, and sustainable. It is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible for families to navigate.    Simple and straightforward, however, doesn’t mean that our service can’t be sentimental and special for the loved ones making the

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