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How to–Arrange a Funeral for Yourself

“Discussing death doesn’t have to be taboo. It’s never too late to get prepared.” Why should I arrange my own funeral? In most cases, it is difficult to think about death without feeling a little morbid. Talking about death can even be considered somewhat taboo.

Preparing for Digital Death

What is digital death? A few decades ago, before the age of the internet, dealing with the legal aspects of death was a little more straightforward; inheritance most often involved physical and monetary possessions, or real estate. Now, most people carry with them a substantial

Choosing our Tree Planting Charity Partners

One of the differentiating features of NEO Cremations (aside from impeccable customer service) is our incessant focus on sustainability. Our stated goal is to become the most environmentally friendly funeral provider on the planet. To achieve this goal, we have set out to fundamentally rethink

How meditation helped me grieve

What is grief meditation? Grief meditation is a type of meditation that helps bereaved people cope with sadness and stress after the death of a loved one. Meditation is the practice of spending a period of time, even just a few minutes, focusing on being

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