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We understand that arranging a funeral can be a time of extreme stress and extreme confusion. And being discriminated against at this time of need is unacceptable.

In an industry known for its conservatism, we understand that barriers continue to unfortunately stand, even in death. At NEO Cremations, our focus on equal opportunity permeates every aspect of our company and the service we offer our customers. By choosing NEO Cremations you can expect: 

  • Respect for your personal beliefs, values and culture and ensure your and the deceased’s preferences, are reflected throughout our service 
  • Transparency about the information and guidance you need  ranging from how to register the death to arranging a direct cremation 
  • An understanding of the specific needs of members of the LGBT community and in particular, the recognition that the most significant relationships may be different from those of a traditional family
  • NEO Cremations to provide an inclusive and non discriminatory workplace for our employees and a tolerant attitude towards our broader universe of stakeholders.

Our aim is to lead the funeral industry by example by providing an inclusive and respectful offer to people from all races, faiths, and sexual orientation. We will listen to you, and tailor our service to support your needs.

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