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Benjamin and Eric founded Neo Cremations because they witnessed first-hand how large nationwide chains of funeral service providers have been able to prey on vulnerable families to compel an elaborate service with expensive ceremonial add-ons.


Instead of the somber and costly traditional funeral, Benjamin and Eric wanted to offer a contemporary, affordable and dignified solution that fits with their personal ethos of integrity, transparency and sustainability.


They founded Neo Cremations with the firm belief that it is time for business owners to take seriously the unsustainable path we have set for our planet. A consumerist mindset and the pursuit of economic growth at all costs cannot be extended indefinitely whilst our resources are finite.


Neo Cremations is here to disrupt business as usual in favor of a simple end-of-life service that is environmentally friendlier. Benjamin and Eric are proud to offer grieving families in England the opportunity to provide a dignified sending-off at a fraction of the cost of a traditional funeral, while placing their commitment to reducing our environmental impact at the forefront of their work.


They believe that it is becoming our responsibility to limit the damage we are inflicting on the environment, and that it is time someone stands up and provide the service they feel is woefully lacking in England: an affordably priced, trusted and professionally delivered, green cremation offer.

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