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Our Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremonies

At Neo, our service is affordable, compassionate, and sustainable. It is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible for families to navigate. 


Simple and straightforward, however, doesn’t mean that our service can’t be sentimental and special for the loved ones making the arrangements. The majority of families we guide prefer to hold a ceremony, at a later date, with close relatives and friends after the cremation has taken place. 


With the ongoing and changing covid restrictions, it has become more difficult for many to meet in person. Our solution at Neo is to offer a personalised virtual ceremony of life that can be held with family and friends from all over the world from the comfort and intimacy of one’s own home. 


A virtual celebration of life ceremony is as the name suggests, a celebration of the life of the person who has passed away held on a virtual video platform (such as zoom).


What is included in a Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremony?

Our team employs a flexible approach to meet each family’s needs. We are always open to adjusting the structure of the ceremony as the loved ones require. Neo will host the ceremony online and set up both the entire event on the chosen platform (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet) on behalf of the family. Neo will provide: 


  • Tech set up and complete hosting of the event,
  • Planning the service alongside the family, guiding them through the entire process,
  • Creating a personalised memorial video / presentation for the family –– this can be completely personalised with the loved one’s favourite colours, concepts, music, and photographs,
  • Creating all of the assets for the service including invitations and an order of service,
  • Provide the family with a recording of the ceremony and giving this to the family 



Our ceremonies tend to last between 15 – 30 minutes, and take the following structure: 


  • Opening: the Neo team will open the ceremony and welcome the family and friends attending the virtual ceremony.
  • Eulogy: we will invite one family member to start the ceremony with a few words or prepare an eulogy of the person who has passed away.
  • Memorial video: we will show a memorial video created by the family, or with our assistance if the family chooses this.
  • Second reading: there will potentially be a reading from a family member. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a eulogy.
  • Moment of reflection: those present for the virtual celebration of life will partake in a moment of reflection. Typically a video and song will accompany.
  • Closing: Neo will close the ceremony.
  • Final words: we allow family and friends to say any final words.



Why choose a virtual celebration of life ceremony? 

Personalised –– Our team is able to create a bespoke experience to fit the loved one who has passed away. For example, all the media can be created to fit the individual’s favourite colours or their favorite songs. These can be included in the memorial video. 


Total flexibility –– Times have changed, and now people tend to travel and live in many different areas rather than staying in one place for their entire life. Many of the families we help have loved ones who live in various places across the world. Other families have older members who struggle to travel long distances. A virtual memorial created a space where loved ones can come together from far and wide.  


Covid friendly –– With the ongoing restrictions and new legislation coming out regarding funerals, many are having to make difficult decisions about who they can and cannot invite to attend the ceremony. A virtual celebration of life has no limit at all on how many people can attend and no restrictions for family members to have to abide by.


Affordability –– Our virtual memorial ceremonies are £100, which is a fraction of the cost of a traditional funeral and a superb option for those looking for those looking for closure and sentimentality a funeral can provide, all for a fraction of the cost.


Sustainability –– A virtual memorial is far more environmentally friendly than a traditional funeral. As there is no traveling involved, there are no emissions created from this part of the process. 


Arrange a Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremony for your loved one

Our simple, compassionate direct cremation service allows you to plan a personalised ceremony at a time that suits you.  If you are interested in planning a Virtual Celebration of Life Ceremony for your loved one, please give us a call at 0808 196 2140. We will do our best to help.

Jenn Ulloa

Digital Operations Analyst

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