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Planning A DIY Funeral With Our Favourite TikToks

A DIY funeral, sometimes known as a “do it yourself” funeral, demands a significant amount of planning and preparation. 


We all know that funerals are not easy and we need to prepare the best and most creative funeral. And surely, we understand that having a personalised funeral ceremony could be expensive and insincere. 


Therefore, we have compiled some of our favourite DIY TikTok ideas for you to prepare the best and most creative funeral, keeping your budget low and in keeping with environmental friendliness. 


Making a Decision on the Type of Funeral You Want

Consider the following options for your loved one: 

  • Woodland burial
  • Traditional burial
  • Attended cremation
  • Direct cremation 


Following a direct cremation, you may wish to consider holding a memorial service that includes an ashes scattering and some form of a special ceremony.


There are several methods for scattering ashes, and you can make it emotional or even funny like from @bellesthename:


If you’ve opted to do cremation, you’ll need to make a crematorium reservation. You can find crematorium directories on our page: to find out more. Or you can call a Neo Care Team member to help you in arranging an attended cremation. 


DIY Aspects of a Funeral 

There are a few aspects of a funeral that are perfect for DIY. Flower arrangements, memory boards, invitations, order of services, urns and coffins are all elements of funerals that one can take in their own hands. 


Keep on reading to learn more on great and inexpensive ways on remembering your loved one. 


DIY Flower Arrangements 

Funeral flower arrangement: DIY flower arrangements are a terrific way to start with your DIY funeral. It’s an easy and simple thing to execute, if you have a garden, you can also collect flowers from there. You can collect adjacent forest branches and place them in a container or vase.


For a more eco and budget-friendly version, you can also make the flowers from papers you have in the house like this flower wreath from @diy_kreativni here:


DIY Memory Boards 

A memory board is a great way to remember your loved one during a life ceremony. The memory board can be made out of a regular corkboard or a compilation of wine cork. Wine cork can also be used as photo holders for pictures. This is an easy way to make your own memory board without spending much time or money.


Alternatively, you can also get a tree brand and hang pictures or memory notes and it will make a lovely and memorable decoration.


Even though this video from @holyrosestones was made for Christmas but we can draw some inspiration from here:


DIY Urns 

A DIY urn from pottery is an inexpensive and special way to honour the memory of a loved one.


The process of making your own urn from pottery is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is some clay, a potter’s wheel, and the willingness to get your hands dirty.


There are many ways to personalize your DIY urn from pottery. You can inscribe it with a name or personal message, paint it in any colour you like, or even add decorations such as flowers and other small objects. We love this work from @micah here:


DIY With Neo Cremations 

Go out with a bang: We all want to remember our loved ones. And there are many ways to do that. But what if you can’t think of any ideas? Our Care Team member, Holly, has some fantastic ideas for you.


You can start by taking a picture of your loved one and put it on your phone lock screen or desktop wallpaper. You can also get a tattoo with their name so that you will always remember them, or even fireworks! @neocremations here:


Funeral paperwork is a difficult task for most people. It can be a very emotional experience to organise everything and make sure that the funeral will be as memorable as possible.


We offer a full range of services, from funeral planning to handling all of the paperwork, so you can focus on the creative work and remembering your loved one.

Calvin Cao
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