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Record of Wishes: Giving Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

At Neo, we pride ourselves with helping families to get prepared for when the time comes. 


Perhaps you have already explored the options of buying a funeral plan and have decided that it is not for you right now. There may be some factors involved that suggest buying a funeral plan is not the right move at the moment. Maybe you are planning to move, are having financial difficulties, or just feel now is not the right time. 


Our new website feature, Record Your Wishes, allows you to still elect a funeral director without spending any money at this time and it can give your loved one’s peace of mind.


What Does Record of Wishes Involve? 


The process is simple, fill out our online form with your information and the person you deem to be the next of kin. 


A Record of Wishes is not legally binding and there is no payment taken. It simply is a way to guide your loved one during a difficult time. 


What Will I Receive After Completing The Form? 


Once the form is completed, you will receive:

  • A physical copy of your Record of Wishes
  • A thank you letter from the Neo team 
  • A digital copy of your Record of Wishes via email


The Record of Wishes document states your wish to have a neo cremation when the time comes. It also confirms both your details and you’re chosen next of kin. 


We recommend that you keep these documents with the rest of your personal documents and inform your loved ones of your decision. 


What does a Neo Direct Cremation Include? 


When completing a Record of Wishes form, what is included in the service is no different than what our normal at-need service includes. 


This means a direct cremation will include: 


  • Admin Support, We liaise directly with bereavement services and crematorium to get all the necessary forms pre-filled. 
  • Collection of the deceased from hospital, hospice, care home or private residence.
  • Caring for the deceased and preparation for the cremation.
  • Solid wood coffin.
  • Unattended direct cremation.
  • 100% biodegradable urn
  • A remembrance tree will be planted in memory of the loved one.
  • All carbon emitted is offset by 200%.
  • Schedule a time for the return of the ashes if requested.
  • Delivery of the ashes within 21 days or scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance.


What is not included in our at-need direct cremation service: 


  • Doctor’s fees, for arranging the cremation medical forms. 


If you decide you no longer want your information in our systems and would like to withdraw your Record of Wishes, then please also give us a call on the number above or send us an email. 



How To Complete A Record Of Wishes 


If you have not yet submitted your record of wishes, you can do so today. Our Record Of Wishes form can be found on our website. 


Step 1: Ensure you have thoroughly read through the service and understand what it entails. Remember, you will NOT be paying for anything at this point in time. This is simply to let us know 


Step 2: Simply fill out your details and the details of your next of kin. 


Step 3: Then you will need to submit the form. 


After I submit the form, what happens next? 


Once we have received the form on our end, we will send you a Thank You letter (postal and digital) with a ticket attached that states your information has been safely stored away in our database. 


Remember that a Record of Wishes form is not a legally binding document. It simply gives yourself and your loved one’s an avenue to loosely plan a funeral without any contractual arrangement. 


Who should my loved one contact when the time comes? 


The Record of Wishes document itself confirms our contact details that are needed to begin making funeral arrangements. We recommend that you call our care team at 0808 196 2140. 


If you have any questions regarding the Record of Wishes, you may also send us an email at: or jump on our online chat to speak to a team member. 


I already have life insurance or an above 50’s policy, can I still complete a Record of Wishes? 


Absolutely! Our Record of Wishes is not legally binding. You still have the right to elect who you would like to carry out your cremation arrangement. 



What If I Change My Mind? 


Maybe you have decided you want the security and would like to take out a funeral plan. If you decide to do this, we recommend you contact us at 0808 196 2140 or send us an email at: – a team member will give you a call to discuss our funeral plan option. 


Giving you peace of mind 


A Record of Wishes is free, and gives you and your family some peace of mind. If you are still looking at funeral plans and haven’t fully made a decision yet, that is absolutely fine. 


Funeral planning can be as private or as public as you would like for it to be, however, we suggest letting your elected next of kin know you have completed a Record of Wishes submission. 

Jenn Ulloa

Digital Operations Analyst

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