Each one of our customers is unique, we are constantly inspired and learning new things from each new family care for. For those who have recently lost a loved one, it can be comforting to read about others who have had similar experiences. Below you can read moving stories about some of the brave families we have supported and why they chose Neo.

Sue’s Story

“She had the tenacity of Boadicea and the Kindness of Florence Nightingale!”


Sue’s family knew that she wasn’t the kind of person to want a fuss made over her, so a Neo direct cremation service was the simple yet respectful send-off they chose for her. The Neo team were able to support them through a difficult time, by updating them everystep of the way.

Mark’s Story

Mark was a brother and friend to many. He was kind, gentle, and exuded a calming presence noticeable to those around him. A friend described him as a “leading light” among their group. He had many people who loved him, and collectively it was decided to remember Mark on the morning of his committal by holding a virtual Memorial Moment. It was uplifting to hear touching stories and fond memories recounted by his friends and loved ones.

Kirsten's Story

Kirsten was a bright and bubbly individual, with a wonderful sense of humour.


As Kirsten was a truly unique person, her family knew they wanted to celebrate her life in a personalised and special way. Together, with Neo, her loved ones were able to hold a virtual celebration of life ceremony to honour Kirsten’s memory.

Mick’s Story

“Mick would do anything for anyone. He was one in a million; a fantastic friend.”


Mick will always be remembered as a gentleman who would do anything for anyone. His wife, Cheryl, recounts “he would always call me Princess, and he would never let me carry a shopping bag.” Cheryl would always ring him before she would be approaching their home and he would come outside and collect the shopping bag from her––every time without fail.

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