Mark’s Story

Mark was a brother and friend to many

He was kind, gentle, and exuded a calming presence noticeable to those around him. A friend described him as a “leading light” among their group.


Mark’s sister chose to make her arrangements with Neo because of the affordable and sustainable elements embedded within the service.


In addition, she wanted to hold a memorial moment with the individuals who cared for him during his final days. He had many people who loved him, and collectively it was decided to remember Mark on the morning of his committal by holding a virtual Memorial Moment.


Many folk were in attendance from Mark’s GP, to his friends, to his project worker. The memorial moment featured a charming photo of Mark taken by a Harley Street GP who is looking to publish a book about homelessness in London. There was a moment’s silence taken to remember him; all the while his video and a beautiful song played in the background.


Although he was in a delicate situation, it was clear that Mark had meant a lot to many people. It was uplifting to hear touching stories and fond memories recounted by his friends and loved ones. His project worker shared a memory where Mark comforted a sad friend by softly placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

Words from Mark’s sister

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