Mick’s Story

“Mick would do anything for anyone. He was one in a million; a fantastic friend.”

Mick will always be remembered as a gentleman who would do anything for anyone. His wife, Cheryl, recounts “he would always call me Princess, and he would never let me carry a shopping bag.” Cheryl would always ring him before she would be approaching their home and he would come outside and collect the shopping bag from her––every time without fail.

Mick’s friends and family all thought Mick to be kind and helpful. He would always assist his neighbors with gardening and helped out the local community where he could. Cheryl and Mick met at work, where she recalls some of their first meetings consisting of Mick helping her change her punctured tyres.

Mick also had a wonderful sense of humour. Cheryl found it very entertaining that for every TV show they watched, he would automatically become an expert and a critic. When both of them would snuggle on the couch and watch Strictly Come Dancing, low and behold, Mick would suddenly become an expert dancer––commenting on every chasee and pas de bourré. When the X Factor came on the TV, the same would ensue and Mick would instantly become a voice critic, and suddenly the singers were all “out of pitch.” This made Cheryl and others laugh a great deal.

During Mick’s final moments, Cheryl was right there with him. One of the last exchanges they had was Mick writing on a napkin “I love you.” Cheryl then got a tattoo of his penmanship right on her arm, along with two coffee beans in a heart shape. Mick always loved and drank coffee.

Cheryl says Mick would have been 100% happy with the service. One of the main things that drew her to our service was the knowledge that a remembrance tree would be planted in Mick’s memory. Cheryl knew Mick would love the idea too. Cheryl said, “Neo updated me throughout the entire process, which I appreciated. With Neo all the worries, stress, and strain were all taken off.”

Cheryl’s Review

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