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Unattended Cremation – The last goodbye

Unattended cremations are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a better alternative to traditional funerals both financially and creatively. Funerals in the UK are increasingly becoming unaffordable adding unnecessary worries to what is already an obviously stressful time. Unattended cremations are increasingly being chosen as a preferred alternatives by families throughout the UK as not only are they cheaper than a traditional funeral, they also reduce the stress associated with a traditional funeral by allowing the family of the deceased to schedule a remembrance ceremony in their own time with as much personalisation as they wish.

What is an unattended cremation?

Unattended cremations also known as direct cremations are so called because the cremation takes place without a ceremony. In a traditional cremation, a memorial service is held and attended by friends and family just prior to the cremation. That service is generally held at the crematorium. For a direct cremation, the cremation takes place without any family and friends present and without a service.

Who is present at the cremation?

Direct cremations take place early in the morning. The crematorium’s staff will perform the cremation, unattended, collect the ashes, put them in an urn, and keep the urn until it is collected by a funeral director or scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance.



Why are direct cremations better for the family?

Traditional funerals are extremely expensive, generally elaborate affairs and emotionally draining for families. Unattended cremations on the other hand are simple, respectful, and more affordable.

NEO Cremations offer direct cremations for a fixed fee of £1,295 compared to the average cost of a traditional funeral in the UK of £3,600. Money not spent on the cremation is either money saved or money that can be better used to organise a remembrance ceremony at a later date. Increasingly popular in the UK are celebrations of life ceremonies, which allow the family of the deceased to break from the traditional victorian mould of a somber funeral service, and give them the freedom to experiment and be creative with how the life of the deceased should be remembered.

Not only are direct cremations cheaper, they also are much more convenient to hold for the family of the deceased as they remove the time constraint of having to organise and hold a memorial ceremony right after the death. This is particularly helpful if family members live abroad and would have to travel from far away to attend the ceremony.

If a loved one has specified a final resting place where they would like their ashes scattered, or had a wish-list of places they wanted to visit, families can transport the ashes to a final resting place. For many, this holds much more sentimental value and meaning than an elaborate funeral. Whether it is a favourite city, beach, or mountain, loved ones have the privacy and creative freedom to have a joyful and respectful  goodbye.

Unattended cremations are respectful and dignified

When it comes to planning a send-off there are no right or wrong answers. There are an abundance of benefits to having an unattended cremation as they offer choices that best suit some families and their loved one. With unattended cremations the significance of the passing is shifted from the funeral itself to the remembrance ceremony that can be held long after the cremation has taken place.

Would you choose an unattended cremation?

There are not many reasons not to choose an unattended cremation as they are convenient, inexpensive and a more flexible alternative. The flexibility that comes with an unattended cremation creates the time and space for family and friends to plan a tailored celebration, memorial, or scattering of the ashes. Any manner that you choose to say goodbye to your loved one will be done by expressing your love and cherishing memories.

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