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What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away at Home

Here at Neo, we are fully prepared to cater to families who have a loved one pass away at home. This may be a distressing time for you, and getting the right advice and emotional support is very important. Thinking about a loved one’s final moments is hard, but planning ahead and knowing what to expect may soothe some of the worries you have. 


We have made this short guide with practical advice to assist in what to do when someone dies at home, and what the next steps are. 


1. What do you do when a loved one passes away at home and you were expecting it.

a. Make Arrangements with a Funeral Director 

If you anticipate that your loved one is going to pass away soon, then it is a good idea to establish how you would like them taken care of when the time comes


We recommend you take time to find a funeral director that feels right for both you and your loved ones. If you have not already discussed this with your loved one, we recommend you check their personal documents or will so you are aware of their wishes. Sometimes, the loved one may not be in a position to discuss their wishes. We advise that you go through your options with you loved one’s GP, nurse, social worker, or even hospice care worker. They will be able to give advice on what to do if you’re unsure. 


If you decide you would like to go forward with Neo, please inform us beforehand over the phone or make a booking online. We are able to collect the details from you, and we will be ready to assist you and be there for when the time comes. 


When the person does finally pass at home, you don’t have to do anything immediately. This is always a profound moment. You may want to call someone for support if you are alone, or you may even want to sit with your loved one for a few minutes. Marie Curie state that there is no pressure to act immediately after someone passes away at home. 


b. Inform a doctor 

When someone passes away at home, you will need to call their GP or the nearest doctor. In most scenarios when someone dies at home and it is expected the doctor can provide a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (what we call a “MCCD form”) confirming the cause of death directly. The funeral director will not be able to take the person into their care unless the death has been certified by a doctor first. 


We recommend you inform your local GP beforehand so they are prepared. In the situation where someone has passed away out of hours and you are unable to reach any local doctors, please call the advice line 111. 


c. Taking your loved one into our care

After the death has been certified by a doctor, Neo will normally be able to take your loved one into our care within a few hours of being informed of the passing. You will simply need to call us to let us know.


Some families prefer to spend time with their loved ones after they have passed. We respect these wishes and take a flexible approach with this if families would like more time. 


2. What do you do when a loved one passes away at home and you were not expecting it

It is important that the very first thing you do when someone dies at home is call the emergency line 999 and ask for the ambulance services and police immediately. When someone passes at home unexpectedly, there is a higher chance that the death will be followed by a coroner’s inquest. Remember, if a coroner is involved then this means you will not need to pay the £82 doctor’s fee.



You will then be able to make arrangements with the funeral director after the above has taken place. For more information on Neo and how we operate please read over our FAQ section on our website, here


If you would like to learn more about what to do when a loved one passes, please visit this blog from Hospice UK about dying at home and a person’s final moments. Other organisations you can contact for advice are:




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