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Your Money is Safe with Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

At Neo Cremations we prioritise simplicity, affordability and respect.


We know the funeral industry is populated with many providers that hope to profit from elaborate services and expensive ceremonial extras, often at the expense of the deceased’s vulnerable, surviving loved ones. At Neo Cremations on the other hand, in everything we do, from the people we hire, to the services we arrange and the charities we partner with, we ensure we are different from the rest of the industry.


We do not compromise on quality of care or professionalism, but instead know that it is possible to arrange an elegant send off that is both dignified and economical. Our services are accessible to all and we ensure that our ethos of sustainability, integrity and transparency remain at the forefront of everything we do.


A Neo Cremations Direct Cremation

As such, our direct cremation offer is straightforward and transparently priced.


For our fixed price, our services include the collection and transportation of the deceased in a private ambulance, guidance and help with the paperwork, the care of the deceased and the preparation for cremation as well as the formal disposal via an unattended cremation. 


With the above, we offer a comprehensive service that caters to all aspects of the funeral process, without unnecessary add-ons or expensive extras. Our fee is fixed and transparent, meaning there are no unexpected additional costs.


Buying a Neo Cremations Funeral Plan 

Funeral plans differ hugely so it’s important to select one that is well-suited to your individual needs and desires. Make sure you thoroughly browse the options before committing to a plan, and to choose one that feels right for you. 


At Neo Cremations, our pre-paid funeral plan buys you an unattended cremation in advance. Arranging for your funeral in advance allows for peace of mind, reassurance that the costs have already been covered and that you will be treated and attended to as you have chosen. 


When you buy a Funeral Plan with Neo Cremations, our plan partner, Safe Hands Funeral Plans places the money in a trust, which guarantees that the money will be well looked after. The trust is managed by Sterling Trust Corporation Limited, and the funds in the trust are invested by UBS, TJM Partners and Interactive Advisors, all reputable fund managers based in London. This setup ensures your money is secured and well looked after.


When the time comes, your family will be able to call our 24-hour bereavement line to set the direct cremation you have purchased with us in motion. We will take care of all of the practical arrangements required for your direct cremation. 


What our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan includes

Our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan includes the following:

  1. Administrative support 
  2. Collection of the deceased and taking into our care
  3. A solid FSC-certified pine wood coffin
  4. Transportation of the deceased in a private ambulances
  5. The unattended cremation
  6. Hand delivery of the ashes in a biodegradable urn
  7. A memorial tree with remembrance certificate
  8. Carbon offsetting scheme
How our Neo Cremations Funeral Plan keeps your money safe

As mentioned, your Trust Fund is held separately from your plan’s administrator, Safe Hands. 


Both the funds and proceeds are managed independently by the fund managers, Sterling Trust Corporation Ltd, who are specialist trustees. They work in partnership with the investment managers to ensure money is invested soundly and remains well-secured. 


In addition to this, we monitor the trust fund’s progress when we receive annual reports from Zenith Actuaries, who are the Trust Fund’s appointed actuaries, and when the fund is annually audited by JW Hinks. 


FPA’s and FCA’s explained

FCA stands for the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is a conduct regulator responsible for ensuring that financial services (be they firms or markets) within the UK operate fairly and effectively so that consumers receive an honest deal. Most financial services are legally required to be FCA regulated.


FPA stands for the Funeral Planning Authority. The FPA is an independent authority responsible for ensuring that funeral plans meet the standards promised to their customers. Unlike most other financial services, funeral providers do not need to be regulated by an FPA and instead must actively choose to be.


If a funeral provider does opt to be FPA regulated, they are making a commitment to follow the guidelines set about by the FPA regulator, and if the FPA finds in any instance that these guidelines have not been met, accreditation is withdrawn. 


If a funeral provider has been FPA approved, you can rest assured that your funds with their funeral plan are being held and invested safely and securely so that the plan can be implemented appropriately when the time comes.


Safe Hands is a registered member of the FPA. In 2019, the HM Treasury noted its intention of monitoring and regulating the funeral plan industry through the FCA.


Whilst no timeline has yet been given for this implementation, we are confident to partner with Safe Hands, knowing that they already run their organisation to the high standards we expect.


Our transparently priced Neo Cremations Funeral Plan

The Neo Cremations Funeral Plan costs £1,595. You can choose to pay the entire sum in one go or pay in installments for up to 10 years. For further information on our plan, please read the Funeral Plan FAQ’s on our website.

Lara Webster

Lead Content Writer

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